What are SWAPs?

SWAPs are “Something With A Pin.” It is a little do-dad that you put a pin on and trade with the other Scouts at camp.  You can pin them to your hat or just collect.  The more you bring the more you trade. For ideas definitely check out Pinterest - SWAPS.  (PLEASE - No food, candy, gum etc.)

Are you looking for some ideas for SWAPs?   Here are some ideas and information on SWAPs at camp. 

You will have the opportunity to enter your SWAP to win a special prize on the last day of Twilight Camp. 

3 SWAP Contests at 2023 Iron Horse Twilight Camp -Off to the Races!!!

Did you know that there is a bit of etiquette around SWAPS -  - both in making them and in the activity of SWAPing?  

definition of etiquette:  the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group

SWAPs should be handmade and not cost a lot of money.  Scouts are thrifty and we reuse materials.  Consider using items you already have.  Also, remember that your item should be polite and not contain food as that can attract bugs/flies.  And, as you know, we sometimes get rain.  You want to make sure your SWAP will survive getting wet.

Scouts are kind.  General rules are that if you have your SWAPS in a baggie, those are for SWAPing.  SWAPs pinned on a hat or vest are off-limits unless a Scout offers it to you. 

Happy SWAPing!!!!!