Frequently Asked Questions


  • 5 Gallon bucket with lid. Don’t forget the lid! The spin on lids are best and easiest to get on and off. The bucket will hold all of your Scout's crafts, their water bottles, swaps, hats, bandannas, and will be their seat at each station. That is why the lid is so important! Some people decorate them. Buckets are available at many places including Home Depot and Lowes. The best deal is at Fire House Subs, they are $2 for the bucket and the lid and the $2 goes back to local firehouses! PSA about pickle buckets. They smell when they get heated up. Just sayin. You may want to bleach it out a bit before use.

  • Camp T-shirt each and every day. Required for safety purposes. PSA from the Adult Volunteers - please wash your Scouts shirt as often as you can! That is all.

  • IMPORTANT!!! Bring a filled water bottle. Water is available during the day, but come with a full water bottle. We will be constantly telling all Scouts to drink water.

  • Spray your child with sunscreen and bug spray before camp each day. Leaders are NOT allowed to do this for them at camp.

  • Dinner comes in a Ziploc bag with name on it each day. Speak with your Pack Twilight Camp Coordinator about how lunches will be collected. Dinner is fun at camp. It is a picnic with your pack and friends. We will have music and the Scouts get to run around.

  • Hat. It is really hot in June and Scouts like to pin their Swaps on their hat!! Cover your ears!

  • Swaps. Not sure about this? Check out our Swaps page here.

  • Closed Toe Shoes. Sadly, we will have to send a Scout (or anyone really) home or require they sit out of activities until they have proper shoes on.

  • Do Not Bring Electronics. There is just no need for them here. Too much to do without them!

  • Anyone that comes to camp and is not fully registered, will not be allowed to enter or stay.


We like to recommend to our Scout families that have not attended Twilight Camp before to start acclimating to the heat a few hours each day leading up to Camp. Also, drink lots of water on the days leading up to Camp. We provide lots of water at Camp but being well hydrated really makes the experience at Camp much more enjoyable. Get ready to make some once in a lifetime memories!


Swaps are “Something With A Pin.” Google or look on Pinterest for ideas. It is a little do-dad that you put a pin on and trade with the other scouts at camp. You can pin them to your hat. The more you bring the more you trade. (PLEASE No food, candy, gum, fish hooks, etc.) We will be holding contests each day on Scout's and Camp Leader favorites. Be creative... it is fun!!! Check our webpage out with more info, here.


While it can get hot at summer camp, it's important to remember all must dress appropriately for Twilight Camp. All Adults at camp must wear a camp shirt. Also, all Adults need to obtain at the beginning of camp each day and wear a wrist band throughout camp each day. Each Adult will need to show their drivers license each day to get obtain a wrist band. Closed Toe Shoes are required for everyone at camp. Trust us, you will be glad you wore closed toe shoes!

Camp directors reserve the right to ensure Scouting BSA standards are maintained at all times.