Twilight Camp FAQ’s:

What does my child need to bring to camp?

·       5 Gallon bucket with lid (Don’t forget the lid)

·       Camp T-shirt (required for safety purposes)

·       IMPORTANT!!!  BRING A FILLED Water bottle (water is available during the day, but come with a full water bottle)

·       Spray your child with sunscreen and bug spray before camp each day, leaders are NOT allowed to do this for them at camp.

·       Lunch or Dinner in a Ziploc bag with name on it

·       Hat

·       Swaps (see below)

·       CLOSED toe shoes ( no exceptions (including adults), shoes must be closed around the entire foot for safety purposes)



5 Gallon Bucket?

-The bucket will hold all their crafts, their water bottles, swaps, hats, bandannas, and will be their seat at each station.  That is why the lid is so important!  Some people decorate them.  Buckets are available at many places including Home Depot and Lowes.  The best deal is at Fire House Subs, they are $2 for the bucket and the lid and the $2 goes back to local firehouses!



-Swaps are “Something With A Pin”  Google or look on Pinterest for ideas.  It is a little do-dad that you put a pin on and trade with the other scouts at camp.  You can pin them to your hat.  The more you bring the more you trade.  
(PLEASE No food, candy, gum, fish hooks, etc)

Adult and Volunteers Dress?
 - Please dress appropriately, while it can get hot at summer camp, it's important to remember all must dress appropriately for Twilight Camp.  Camp directors reserve the right to ensure Scouting BSA standards are maintained.