Camp Registration

Camp Registration is now OPEN click here:  2018 Iron Horse Camp
After registering online please submit all of your required paperwork and payment to your pack coordinator. 

Early Registration (Incoming Tigers - Webelos) - $70 by April 1st
Regular Registration - $80 from April 2nd - May 15th
(Incoming Tigers must be BSA registered and come with a BSA Registered Adult Partner each day)

Den Chief Registration (11 - 14 year old BSA Registered Youth) - $10
Youth Staff Registration (14+ BSA Registered) - $10

Walking Den Leader Registration (18+ with Face to Face Training) - $10
Program Staff Registration (18+ with Face to Face Training) - No Charge
(Still need to register on link above)

Early Papoose Registration - $25 by April 1st
Regular Papoose Registration - $30 from April 2nd - May 15th
(Papoose Participants must be 3+ and potty trained)
(Papoose Participants will have their own program and NOT able to walk with parents!)

Every Registration will receive ONE camp shirt which MUST be worn every day.
(Extra shirts can be purchased for $7 each during registration process.)

You may make payments for Twilight Camp.  Final payments are due no later than June 1st.

Each Pack must have the following adults

Pack Coordinator

·         Helps answer parent questions

·         Helps get volunteers and campers registered

·         Is the liaison between the Camp Director and the Pack

·         Turns in all paperwork to the Camp Director

·         Helps make sure all payments are made for Twilight Camp

Walking Den Leaders

·         Walk with the campers to and from stations.  Help the campers at the stations as needed.

o    Campers will be put into dens of 10 – 12 Tiger – Bear campers.  Packs bringing more than 10 campers will be put into more than one den but will be kept in the same Patrol.

o    Webelos will be in a separate area in dens and patrols like the Cub campers.

o    Packs that have less than 10 campers will be paired up with another Pack.

o    There will be 2 Walking Den Leaders needed for each den every day.  At least one from each Pack if the Pack is paired up with another Pack.

·         Help the dens to complete projects such as den flags, etc. that are completed during the lunch break.

Patrol Leader

·         One Patrol Leader is needed for every 3 – 4 Patrols

o    Each Pack that brings 15+ campers will need to provide at least 1 Patrol Leader

·         Takes roll daily from all dens

·         Is the communication for the Patrol

·         Has extra training in Emergency Procedures

Program Staff

·         Each Pack needs to provide at least one Program Staff member

·         Will work stations (Examples below)

o    Shooting Sports – Certification Required

o    Crafts

o    Games

o    Papoose Program

·         Program will be planned.  It just needs to be implemented.

For questions, please contact Camp Director - Jennifer Anderson at