Camp Registration

Camp Registration is now OPEN click here:  2019 Iron Horse Camp
After registering online please submit all of your required paperwork and payment to your pack coordinator. 

Early Registration (Incoming Wolf - Arrow of Light) - $70 by April 14th
Regular Registration - $80 from April 215th - May 20th

Councilor in Training (11 - 14 year old BSA Registered Youth) - $10
Youth Staff Registration (14+ BSA Registered) - $10

Walking Den Leader Registration (18+ with YPT Training) - $10
Station Volunteer Registration (18+ with YPT Training) - No Charge
(Still need to register on link above)

Incoming Lion & Tiger - $35 by April 14th
Regular Registration - $40 from April 15th - May 20th
(Incoming Tigers must be BSA registered and come with a BSA Registered Adult Partner each day)

Every Registration will receive ONE camp shirt which MUST be worn every day.
(Extra shirts can be purchased for $10 each during registration process.)

You may make payments for Twilight Camp.  Final payments are due no later than May 20th.

Each Pack must have the following adults

Pack Coordinator

·         Helps answer parent questions

·         Helps get volunteers and campers registered

·         Is the liaison between the Camp Director and the Pack

·         Turns in all paperwork to the Camp Director

·         Helps make sure all payments are made for Twilight Camp

Walking Den Leaders

·         Walk with the campers to and from stations.  Help the campers at the stations as needed.

o    Campers will be put into dens of 10 – 12 Tiger – Bear campers.  Packs bringing more than 10 campers will be put into more than one den but will be kept in the same Patrol.

o    Webelos will be in a separate area in dens and patrols like the Cub campers.

o    Packs that have less than 10 campers will be paired up with another Pack.

o    There will be 2 Walking Den Leaders needed for each den every day.  At least one from each Pack if the Pack is paired up with another Pack.

·         Help the dens to complete projects such as den flags, etc. that are completed during the lunch break.

Patrol Leader

·         One Patrol Leader is needed for every 3 – 4 Patrols

o    Each Pack that brings 15+ campers will need to provide at least 1 Patrol Leader

·         Takes roll daily from all dens

·         Is the communication for the Patrol

·         Has extra training in Emergency Procedures

Station Volunteers

·         Each Pack needs to provide at least one Station Volunteer daily.

·         Will work stations (Examples below)

o    Shooting Sports – Certification Required

o    Crafts

o    Games

o    Lion/Tiger Area

·         Program will be planned.  It just needs to be implemented.

For questions, please contact Camp Director - Jennifer Anderson at